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Don't buy it

I purchased both the V313 and the V713 and both seem to have a shelf life of 1 year to 1 1/2 years respectively. They both run out of ink very quickly and, of course, ink is very expensive. I gave up on these printers and purchased an HP.

Posted Nov 26, 2012 at Amazon

After initial acceptable printing, I replaced now the expensive ink cartridges twice. The new cartriges print only in streaks. I was not able to adjust the printing. I have a perfectly good Hewlett printer, but those poeple do not provide a driver for windows 7. I will hjave to junk them both and buy a Brother printer.

Posted Jul 14, 2012 at Amazon
Terible printer

Mine quit after six months the wireless adaptor is toast. The print quality was poor and like they say, it's a money pit for cartriges.

Posted Jun 25, 2012 at Amazon

This printer is such a hunk of junk! It ran out of the ink provided by Dell very quickly, which is understandable. Had to buy ink online bc no retailer around here offers it at all. Every single time we go to print with it we have to perform a deep clean on the printerhead and even then you may have to do it several times. Recently bought more ink and now the stupid dang printer says there is a printhead problem. I've cleaned the printhead several times and run diagnostic tests to no avail! I used to think Epson made the worst printer, but now Dell has taken the top spot for WORST PRINTER ever!
My in-laws bought the wireless version of this printer and every time they want to printer they have to reload the driver! Like I said it's a crapshot and so not worth a dime of your money!

Posted Feb 12, 2012 at Amazon
i love this little printer

works great for what I need it for. don't see what the big deal is. i order ink online. copies well. scans well. really don't see what all the crying is about. for the price I am thrilled.

Posted Jan 12, 2012 at Amazon
SCAM Printer by Dell to make money on INK

This printer works fine until it runs out of ink. Who needs to print with color ALL the time? Dell thinks everyone does so they can force you to buy more and more color ink. At first you could choose the print option of black ink only but good ole Dell get's you when the color ink is completely dry. Even though you have a full cartridge of black ink the printer will not work until you buy a new color cartridge at a rediculously high price!

Posted Dec 11, 2011 at Amazon

the absolute worst printer ive ever used and it rarely works. as im typing this it will not print my paper for school. dont get this!

Posted Dec 04, 2011 at Amazon

ink cost is very high

.H J Selvin Peter from sri lanka
Posted Nov 23, 2011
slow printer

This is the slowest printer I have ever had. Even when you have a half full printer cartridge it prints on the paper like you are almost out of ink. Would not buy one of these again or recommend it to anybody else.

Posted Nov 18, 2011 at Amazon
Worst printer ever

Very frustrating printer. Worst I have ever had of about 20 over the last ten years. Runs out of ink very quickly and if you don't use it frequently, it seems the ink dries up.

Posted Nov 14, 2011 at Amazon
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