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Light as a feather

I purchased the printer and noted that it didn't contain a printer cable. I planned on using it connected direct with my main computer and as a wirless for the others on my network. I had to purchase the cable. The cost of the cable equaled almost 1/3 the price of the printer since it was on sale for $74.00 at Best Buy. I'm glad I did since the cable is recommended when installing the printer and based on some odd problems others have experienced when attempting an install without the cable I'm glad I pruchased it.

The printer set up easily, and downloaded updated software AND firmware automaticaly from the internet.

I test printed a few pages and noticed that the paper feed did not have a movable stop on the left hand side as most printers do. After printing the first page the next sheet cocked in the feed tray. It did continue to feed straight, but the continued cocking of EVERY sheet worried me and I clipped a 1/4x1/4x1 inch piece of plastic using a large moveable clip to the feed tray. This kept the paper straight in the tray when loading paper for printing.

I use a program to monitor all installations and noted that several pieces of software that weren't chosen with the install were loaded. I had chosen NOT to load any of the extra tracking software that came with the installation. Frankly, it is possible that the additional tracking software was added by the Epson site since it must have reviewed what I had loaded from the disk. Since these additional programs loaded on startup and took up memory I eliminated them from the download and kept the three items of software necessary to keep the printer and other features working. The program I used is called advanced uninstaller pro and it removes ALL downloaded software that you pick including the stuff added to the registry that is usually not uninstalled by Windows.

I tried various features of the printer and all seemed to work well. The print quality is good and the print speed is fair. The printer is very light and seems very cheaply constructed. I have not tried printing photos and don't intend on doing so. I use a dedicated high quality printer for that purpose. Considering what I paid for this printer it's a value even without the cable. I wasn't happy with the software or site adding tracking software to my computer.

Update: The printer does "Automatic checking" to see if any software or firmware updates are required. When this is done even if you selected NOT to download tracking software or removed it once downloaded by the site it will redownload the tracking software if you allow Automatic Checking. Disable this feature to prevent the tracking software from being downloaded each time tracking occurs. It seems this happens every two or three weeks.

Posted Sep 15, 2012 at Amazon
Printer, five stars

The very first thing I did after hooking up this printer (I mean, plugging it in) was to see if it would pop up for connection to my wireless network. This was probably the easiest connectivity I've ever experienced. I'm coming from a four-year old Canon printer, but I was still amazed at being able to print in my office from my living room. The speed is not a concern of mine. I click print and then later go find my products. I also love the scanning feature although I'm not too keen on using the fax features ever. I've printed a couple of photo images and the products are just okay. However, no one called this printer a professional photo printer. I would like the ink to dry faster on fancy photo paper...but again, not heavily concerned.

Overall five stars!

Posted Sep 15, 2012 at Amazon
MAC owners take a pass on this!

I had never owned an Epson printer before. I have had Canon and HP printers and in general found that mating a printer to a computer was fairly easy not matter what platform i was on. So when my daughter headed off to college and immediately said she needed an easy to set up wireless printer, I did my research and came up with the Epson XP-400. All through its advertising, it shows how easy it is to set up. But then my daughter took it to college, and it turns out that she needs to set up the printer as a USB-connected device rather than wireless, due to rules for using wireless in her dorm. I could not believe she was having such a hard time getting it set up, and we spent a frustrating and fruitless first two weeks trying to get it set up at her school, texting, phoning, and emailing. After two weeks, she brought it home and I spent 4 worthless hours also trying to set it up, visiting both Apple and Epson websites and poring through FAQs, troubleshooters, etc. I set the printer up with a PC in fifteen minutes, but as far as pairing with the Macbook, I finally gave up and bought her an HP. All MAC users beware!... This product is not for you. Anyone want a slightly used Epson?

Posted Sep 15, 2012 at Amazon

seriously!!! set this up in less than 15 minutes .. I'm in another room and I can print - set it up according to directions - plug in your USB cable .. etc ... but then, I can be somewhere else ... and print!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Posted Sep 15, 2012 at Amazon
Works Great !!!

The Epson Expression Home XP-400 All-In-oneColor Inkjet Printer, copier Scanner works really well.It gives you crisp clear wireless printing and very good copies .It also scans documents well. Overall I think it is a decent printer , I have used it for awhile now & I like It very much, it is a bit smaller in size than my other printer which gives me a little more desk space.I would recomend it.

Posted Sep 14, 2012 at Amazon
Superb Small All-In-One

I wasn't expecting much out of the small Epson Expression Home XP-400 Wireless All-in-One, but I sure am glad it showed itself as a worthy little workhorse. It has all the features the average user will need rolled into one, Print, Scan, and Copy. What this Epson printer lacks is bulk and footprint, but what isn't missing is performance. The scanner on it is fast and accurate, great for copying various paper documents. The Epson XP-400 also prints quickly and quietly, and while it isn't the ultimate speed-demon, it is still pretty quick. I was suprised with the quietness of the unit, and what sounds it does make don't make you think it's about to clunk and clatter itself to pieces. One thing worth criticizing, and I've found this true among all of the Epson printer's I've used, is that the draft print mode is practically useless. Draft mode prints so light it leaves missing lines, some lines darker than others, some lines so light they can barely be seen. Saving ink is not worth the illegibility of draft-mode print-outs. Really that's the only downside to this unit, and really it's a minor quibble at best. Overall this little wireless Epson all-in-one is a good value and decent performer.

Posted Sep 14, 2012 at Amazon
Great Small-In-One

In years past, whenever I've purchased a "compact" all-in-one, it still felt like it weighed 30+ lbs and had a large enough footprint I wouldn't consider it "compact". This is the first printer I've had that is what I've always thought a simple compact all-in-one should be. The footprint really is small. It really does weigh less than 10 lbs. The printing really is quiet. The printer I used previously would always begin a printing job with click-clacking sounds preparing the print heads, etc. There are no preparatory/ending clicking noises with the XP-400 - the first sound I hear is the machine grabbing the paper to print on and the last noise I hear is the paper being spit out. I often find myself printing at odd hours of the night and sounds in the house really echo so I would always fret I would wake up other members of the house with the old printer. I feel much better using this machine.

Standard printing quality is more grainy than my old, bigger printer, but it's not a problem for everyday printing or printing coupons. And when I do need a high-quality picture, printing on "best photo" option has provided good enough quality for me - I didn't think there were any noticeable pixels/streaks in the picture unless you're fixating on the image specifically to find those details.

This is a great go-to for anyone that wants a small, light, quiet, working home all-in-one. It has lived up well to my expectations and I am very happy with it.

Posted Sep 12, 2012 at Amazon
like a turtle in a shell...

One of the things that impressed me about this neat little printer is that it folds up into it's own damage-proof "box" making it easily portable without fear of breaking anything. The control panel and paper feeder fold leaving a compact rectangle. The main thing I dislike is that the power plug does not fit tightly and unless one is very careful, it disconnects easily. Since I'm often clumsy, it was hard to me to keep it connected and I had to put the surge protector in a position that would help assure it staying connected. Meanwhile, this little printer is quiet, offers a lot of selections right on the control panel without the necessity of changing the settings via my computer. I'm not using the wireless feature. I doubt that I could use it with my dsl and I don't have a wireless card in my desktop. For my laptop, it would be a simple matter to simply unplug the usb cable and replug into the laptop. It prints slowly but so does my larger, more expensive HP printer. As for the use of ink, I haven't used it enough to require replacement of cartridge(s). I'm not sure if the separate cartridges will save money or not. I suspect that the probably will. They are easy to insert compared to my HP printer. I print everything using the draft mode. You'd be surprised at the ink you save with the draft mode setting. Installation goes easily and the printed guide is extremely helpful. I like the idea that I can print directly from a memory card. Here's a real bonus... you can automatically transform an old color photo into a much sharper photo as you scan! There's even a dust removal option! Backlight correction removes shadows from images with too much background light. Your old Kodachrome snapshots can be enhanced without the need to use a photo editor (usually) and see the image on the display! One other "dislike", I have a tendency to press buttons too hard or too long and when I'm setting the controls, I have a difficult time setting them. I might overcome this over time, though. All in all, this is one mighty powerful printer for a reasonably price and it's easily transportable. A beauty to look at and use.

Posted Sep 11, 2012 at Amazon

The Epson XP400 printer gets the job done, and produces a reasonable copy, however it's very slow in comparison to my now deceased Canon printer. It also feels less sturdy than the Canon. For instance, the tray that catches the copy as it leaves the machine seems fragile, but it too does the job.

Posted Sep 10, 2012 at Amazon
Small Package Epson that prints like a charm!

I've had the better part of 3 weeks now to demo this unit and I have to say it's been wonderful. It's space saving size fits perfectly in the living room and in connected to every type of system we set up on the WiFi. It accepts printing from my Ipad 1 and 3, my droid phone, and my macbook.

In checking with purchasing extra cartridges I found the color ink to sell between $8-$11, and the black from $11-$15 dollar a piece. I'm currently using it for general document printing, and graphs. We have a photo printer for the 4x6 images we need, and this unit excels at the basics, so no need to try to reinvent the wheel with this unit. It does print nice photos, but I'd rather use a photo specific printer for that task, to keep this one freed up for my daily workhorse printing needs.

Set up was right out of the box and in less than 15 minutes I had everything hooked up and the I was printing from my iPad 3. Some say this printer feel flimsy, but to me it feels pretty solid and fits the need I have for an economy printer with inexpensive cartridges.

Total package - it's a winner, with great features such as wireless printing, effortless scanning, excellent copying, you cannot go wrong for the price. I've had no issues and this unit replaced a Kodak 5250 that was thrown in the trash. Kodak wanted me to pay for new ink and print head to fix their problem, not anymore, I'm an Epson printer fan now.

Posted Sep 09, 2012 at Amazon
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