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Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530

Offering remarkable productivity, it features a 330-sheet paper capacity and a 20,000-page duty cycle. Use the 30-page two-sided Auto Document Feeder to quickly copy, scan or fax one- or two-sided documents. Best of all, the WP-4530 offers low hassle, extra large, easy to install cartridges, with a ... more
Printer Features
  • Prints up to 16 ISO ppm in black, up to 11 ISO ppm in color To print documents quickly. Two-sided print speeds up to 9.2 ISO ppm in black and up to 7.1 ISO ppm in color.
  • 4-in-1 functionality Prints, copies, scans and faxes to accommodate your document needs.
  • Network-ready With built-in wireless LAN (802.11b/g/n) and Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) interfaces for connecting to your home or office network.
  • MicroPiezo ink jet technology For efficient performance.
  • Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi optimized resolution For professional-quality documents. Ink resists smudging, fading and water.
  • Flatbed scanner with 48-bit color Plus a scan resolution of up to 2400 dpi optical (9600 x 9600 dpi interpolated) to reproduce exact colors and documents.
  • Scan to PC, PDF or e-mail To easily save and transfer documents.
  • High-speed fax with 33.6 Kbps modem, 60 speed dials and up to 180-page fax memory Along with PC-fax capability to meet your office needs.
  • 30-page, 2-sided automatic document feeder Allows you to quickly scan, copy or fax multiple-page documents.
  • Epson Connect Enables you to print wirelessly from compatible mobile devices.
  • USB 2.0 connectivity For simple connection to your computer.
  • Print speeds vary with use. See manufacturer for info on print speeds.
  • Reviews Here is what people are saying about the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530

    This printer sucks. Once you get a message reading, printer error, turn off then on again, kiss your printer good bye.

    Static451 from NYC
    Posted Apr 01, 2015

    Lousy Printer

    Chris from Schenectady, NY
    Posted Nov 16, 2014

    This printer was/is a waste of my time and energy. Had it less than 9 months and now it will not even power on. I will NEVER by another Epson product I will stick with Brother from now on!

    U. S. First Responders Association from Florida
    Posted Dec 29, 2013

    This product had good reviews so I purchased on that basis. Cartridge replacement is always a significant factor in these decisions for me and Epson is a plus here. I love being able to print wirelessly from both my Apple devices and my MacBook - that`s not Epson specific I know. Some of the set up instructions weren`t clear as I`d never set up a MFP to operate on wifi before. i.e. It would be good to make clear that it was not necessary to do anything in terms of physically connecting the printer to my Mac .... and that the Bonjour password was referring to my wifi network password. It would also help if the rear paper feed function was explained a bit as I`m still getting a paper jam message when I use normal A4 paper in rear feeder when I air print from camera roll on devices. I think I need to be using glossy photo paper - have been to place of purchase but they could not help. On line support could be a bit better. All in all though - a good sturdy operator.

    EBC from Mount Waverley, Vic.
    Posted Dec 20, 2013

    The printer work well until the yellow ink started to leek on every page that was printed now I don`t know what to do.

    from seattle
    Posted Jul 16, 2013
    Best Printer I ever owned.

    Simple and not complicated to operate. It is everything I ever wanted in a All-In One printer at a very reasonable price. Not the chespest; if that's what you want, look for Dell printers and find yourself getting your Ink Cartidges from only Dell. This is a truely 5 star printer.

    Posted Feb 09, 2013 at Amazon
    Very Decent MFP

    Replacing my faithful Pixma 870 ( I removed a paper jam with too much vigor ), my new WP4530 runs more quickly and has a more "tinny"sound ( crisper clicks and clacks ). On my iMac, I like that WP4530 copies/prints/faxes/scans in duplex but can selectively do so single-sided if desired. Conversely, my Dell Win7 is set to single-sided functions but can selectively function double-sided. Whereas my Pixma 870 provided screen icons for all functions, I don't yet understand how to fully operate WF4530 from my iMac.

    iMac set-up very fast and straight-forward. Set-up on my Dell Win7 using Epson's instructions was arduous. Finally I let the Win7 installation wizard handle it - much easier and more satisfactory.

    I chose WF4530 over another Canon printer believing that printing cost per page ( ink consumption ) to be less with Epson. Time will tell.

    At $190, WF4530 presents a very good value for personal use. I use my MFP only a few times a week but am very thankful that I have it.

    Posted Feb 06, 2013 at Amazon
    After 100 pages: jams every time. Clear it. It jams again. Unusable.

    I bought this printer specifically to work with Apple devices in our house. The setup of this printer was excellent. No CD installation and no direct connection to a printer or LAN required. I just had to plug it into a power outlet, find the home Wifi network, enter the password, and we could print from our devices within 10 minutes of unboxing. Unfortunately, the mechanical parts of the printer doomed it. We are very light users - I don't think more than 100 pages in four months of use. In the first month or so, the main paper feeder tray stopped feeding. It jammed every time. I'd clear it and it would do it again. This forced us to use the alternate feeder in the back. Now, that feeder jams every time. We can no longer print. The only utility I can get now is to use it as a scanner. It's printing life is gone and I'm not even through the initial ink cartridges. More waste for our landfills now. Very irritating.

    Posted Feb 03, 2013 at Amazon
    Home duplex autoscanner = dream come true

    I already had an Epson NX515 which was SUPERFAST! It was simply the best... until I started school. My teachers give out tons of handouts and sitting there all day scanning page after page was a drag. Until I got this thing - what a lifesaver. It will scan single, double side from a feeder on top, as well as scanning on the bed. I already loved the amazing speed and quality of Epson, so this was incredible. With the new update, I am also able to print directly from my iPad, which is super. I save all my scans to Dropbox, then open them in Notability and take all my notes there. Never have to bring anything to school because I have it all. It's truly awesome (and big! :b)

    Posted Feb 02, 2013 at Amazon

    I chose this printer since it was an all in one and had the best ppm and ink usage out there....
    I've always purchased Brother's All in one printers and although I've had some problems with some, they normally run great in all aspects.
    The functionality between Mac and windows is always great with the brother, thing that I cant say about the Epson. If you own a Mac, dont buy this printer, they did not spend much time developing a user friendly software to run all the utilities.
    Scanner STINKS!!! 6 pages took me about 15 minutes to scan in color!! Horrible...

    I do have to say, it does print pretty fast, but then agian if I just wanted a printer I would have bought only a printer!! Very disappointed! Worst thing is I purchased 2, one for home and the other for my office.....

    Posted Jan 30, 2013 at Amazon
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