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Mine Works Fine

The quality control must be uneven on these printers, because you would think they were terrible from reading the reviews. I have had mine for a long time now and it is a workhorse. I have an expensive Canon with the difficult little ink cartridges that I thought I would be using when this one gave out, but the expensive one is just sitting. This one is fine. The cartridges are easy to get and easy to replace. If you set the quality on economy, the pages print much faster and it does not use as much ink. I only have to buy cartridges about twice a year. I am sorry for the troubles of others, but I can only say this printer has worked for me.

Posted Dec 05, 2012 at Amazon
Decent cheap printer.

I bought this printer after my extremely old Deskjet (11-years-old) bit the dust as a replacement for basic black and white printing. I never use the color print option, so obviously I cannot review that feature of this printer. However, the black printing is very quick, to save money on ink I always keep the printer settings on economy fast print, which looks neat enough for printing documents. Unlike other reviews, I've had success in refilling the black ink cartridge, but I do not use the software HP supplied with the printer, but refilling does not last as long as purchasing a new or refurbished cartridge.

Also, this printer works out of the box with Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and Linux Mint 11 LXDE. I give it four stars due to the fact that sometimes the printer door will slightly pop loose and cause it to register as it being open, plus the plastic doesn't feel that strong. Over all though, for basic printing for documents it's a decent printer.

Posted Dec 09, 2011 at Amazon

Does not print 200 pages on 1 cartridge, actually cuts off the ink supply that is left in order to get you to buy another cartridge (Do not know HOW they get away with this legally), totally not "green", total waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa Tocco from NJ
Posted Dec 08, 2010
Expensive ink consumption

Had the printer over a year now and find that overall the machine is good but the ink carts they use are HORRIBLE. Burns through text printing pages fast. Expect to have to buy a new one every 30 pages of text printed.

Posted Oct 16, 2010 at Amazon
Good, cheap, and only prints...that's why I like it

I've had this printer for a while...probably 2/3 of a year. It's worked great for me. I use it only once a week or so to print emails, directions on Google Maps, etc. But I've also used it to print out my resume when I was job hunting. It always worked fine.

I have no interest in printing photos or anything fancy. I just need mostly black and white.

It is cheap, good, and only prints. That's why I bought it. It does the job and I'm happy.

Posted Mar 26, 2010 at Amazon

The only advantage I can think of with this printer is that it has so few buttons it's hard to go wrong with technique. But you start a printing job and just when you're ready to take a hammer to it because nothing is happening, it will print. The first time I had to replace the black ink cartridge ( which comes with about two drops of ink in it), it would not recognize the new cartridge at all. This thing is a monument to planned obsolescence! Stay away!

Posted Feb 13, 2010 at Amazon

1st time I used the printer it jammed. Cannot be fixed, not even with the help from customer support. Very Cheap plastic and poor construction. I will never buy an HP again.GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODD!!!!!!!!

Posted Sep 26, 2009 at Amazon
It's not worth it!

I've had several printers over the years, most were good, each had it's own faults, strengths and weaknesses. This is the worst printer that I've had. I'm used to the cheap plastic by now BUT this one is really light weight and cheap. When it prints just the motion of the carriage shakes my whole desk.

The worst problem though is when you have a problem with the ink cartridges. I started having lines appear and the black print was getting lighter LONG before it was time to refill/purchase the cartridge. I removed it being careful not to touch the copper contact strip and saw nothing wrong so I went into "help" and followed their directions on cleaning the contacts and replaced the cartridge. Then the warning messages started saying incompatible cartridge and warning lights started blinking. Went back into "help" and found that the lights pretty much were saying, incompatible cartridge.

I tried everything but to no avail. It's now resting comfortably in it's box waiting until I can put it out of it's/my misery.

Posted Jul 22, 2009 at Amazon
It's a Printer, No Biggies

I brought this replace another HP that bit the dust. It's ok, not a bad printer, just a printer. It does everything printers do, nothing special. Takes forever to install the software, so get a cup of coffee and watch TV. At $50 it was the cheapest, meaning that it came with both a color and black cartridge. They say it's smaller, takes less desk space; nope. It takes as much space as my all in one printer, just not as high. Having owned Lexmark, Cannon, HP printers, they are all the same and usually crap out. Mind you I am not a high use user, I print only the weekly shopping list and the occasional recipe. Value for money, I think it's priced a bit high. I gave it 4 stars, because it's predecessor crapped out with little use, sucking in stacks of paper at once. So I can expect much the same with this. I don't print photos or anything fancy, so I can't give you an opinion on that. The only good thing I hope is I can refill the ink cartridges for pennies like I did the last HP printer, saving money. Personally I think to save desk space they should have molded a little pencil cup on the front and a flip up rack to hold those useless things I print out and never throw away.

Posted Aug 17, 2008 at Amazon
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