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I love this printer.

I paid $29 for it on Black Friday, so there is no reason why it should sell for $249. This little guy is a champ despite being dropped and parts breaking off. It still works. I always print in grey-scale and click the fast draft option. It prints clearly enough and it takes much less time. The ink is expensive, but I have owned mine for four years and only replaced the ink once and am about to do it again. I am very frugal with my printing though.

Posted Dec 12, 2012 at Amazon
Excellent printer, a real workhorse & works on linux Ubuntu

I bought 3 of these in January 2010 for my folks & gf.This printer was on sale for 30 bucks and it was well worth the price. It scans/copies & prints in very good quality.My folks scanned a lot of pictures and the quality was real good.Its also nice when you have documents or important material to put in your computer and save.Who doesn't love having your own copier @ home. This has helped me out many many times,and my mom & Gf loves this feature.
Oh yeah did i forget to mention that this prints too lol. That works like a charm. This printer is the best i have ever owned and my mom & GF love it as well.I also have used this with Ubuntu 10 and it recognized it easily & worked good.The black cartridges our also cheap to buy & to get refilled. I know there's some HP cartridges that can get pretty pricey but I'm happy with what i pay for this. I gave this 5 stars and normally that's tough for me too do with a lot of items that i review but this one earned the 5 stars easily. I just wished they still made this model because its a true iron horse.

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at Amazon
Great Printer - Got mine at Wal-Mart for $29.99

This is a great little printer. It just works (which I must say I only bought it because it was so cheap at Wal-Mart). I have had issues with HP products in the past, so I normally steer clear of their computers and printers. I found this one for $29.99 last Christmas (2010), so I decided I would take a chance for very little risk. It has worked great since then. It is has good color quality for such a light-weight machine. I also use the scanner from time-to-time. The only negative I can think of are the replacement ink costs. I shop around and find some aftermarket ink cartridges that are compatible for about half of the retail cost.

I would recommend this printer to others, but I am sure you can still find this one for less than $50.00

Posted Dec 30, 2011 at Amazon
HP Desk Jet F2210

Should have come with a power cord but did not. Seller insisted it was sent and that I had somehow lost it. Anyone who has seen the size of the power cord for this printer/scanner/copier knows that it would be impossible to throw out without noticing.
When I purchased a power cord from another seller (at my expense) on Amazon.com, and hooked it up, the machine worked fine, and does everything I expected. Print quality is fine.

Posted Jun 19, 2011 at Amazon
Small printer with lot of features

Its a compact little printer but does a whole bunch of stuff. I have made use of all its capabilities- copier, scanner and printer. Lately, I've been trying to print some 8x10 pictures that I took with the FZ100. They have come out very good. Its comparable to the ones sent by snapfish at least. With better photo paper, I might get better print outs. Who knows? but I don't have any other printers to compare with.

Small - fits nicely inside my desk cubby hole.
Features you can actually use.
Price- I think I got this during the thanksgiving sale for $40 or less.

Installation of the software. It installs too many stuff and takes several hours to finish the installation. I had to print out something and realized I did not have the software installed. I could not print out my stuff that day. I think it uses the internet to get some stuff or something? Not sure but in the days where everything runs off internet without need for installing anything on the computer, this feels like the 90's.
Response time - It takes quite a while to get it going at first. I sometimes wonder if its gonna do anything at all. Just when I'm about to give up, it starts working. But once it starts, its very quick. it takes time to get used to this.

Posted Feb 06, 2011 at Amazon

When my computer broke and could not be fixed, the man who fixes them took me to buy a new one. He had me buy this printer/scanner also. I realy like it. It is very easy to use. Prints very fast. I love using the scanner. I scanned many pictures I have of our children and their families. I am able to sent the pictures out to them.

Posted Nov 25, 2010 at Amazon
Very Pleased

I bought this printer based off reviews and the very inexpensive price. I do not have good computer operating skills, so I was pleased at the ease of installing this printer. It prints high quality documents and photos. It copies very well, although I do notice that the ink from a copied paper is a bit darker than the original paper, but that could be considered a good thing as far as copiers go! I do have 3 complaints. The first is minor. The door to the copier is a bit frustrating because the hinges are not attached, therefore, if you lift the door too high, the lid will come right off. The second complaint is that you run out of ink very very fast. I rarely use the printer, so it's amazing how fast it gets used up. It's even more frustrating considering the price of the ink is almost the same of the actual printer itself. HP really needs to lower their ink prices, it's obsurd. And lastly, the USB cord is not included with this model so you have to buy it seperate.

I do not think this printer is available anymore, but I wish I would have bought another to give as a gift to my family. A big plus for me with buying a basic printer is that it is easy to troubleshoot and can be easily and cheaply replaced. I have had nothing but trouble with big expensive models with too many buttons. The simpler, the better!

Posted Nov 17, 2009 at Amazon
Excellent for the price!

I purchased this item at another retailer (shop around for pricing as it varies GREATLY!); I was so pleasantly surprised by the quality -- all around! The printing is great, copying is fast and good quality (how rare is it to be able to do color copying?) and the scanner is great! It includes software for text-recognition that is of better reliability and quality than I've seen in a long time. It does go through the standard ink cartridges very quickly if you are always printing at the higher quality - I often use the "quick draft" mode and the quality is fine for everyday use. The good news about the cartridges is that they are a popular "style" so usually easy to find, and they are much less expensive than my old Lexmark ink!

Posted May 20, 2009 at Amazon
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