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Make your next printer a simple HP All-in-One and get the high-quality prints you need, plus scans and copies right at home, too. It works behind the scenes to save energy and makes saving paper and money easy. Even Web printing is a piece of cake.
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  • HP Deskjet F4400
  • HP Deskjet F4480
Reviews Here is what people are saying about the HP Deskjet F4400

With this printer my color ink shows low after 10 pages of print! ABSURD!!!!

Sharon from CA
Posted Apr 28, 2013

The printer cleans the ink jet every time it is turned on!!!!! Wasting a LOT of ink!!! Totally unsatisfactory.

Posted Mar 02, 2013
Horrible and Untrustworthy Printer- DO NOT BUY

This is a horrible and irritating product. For some reason, whenever I try to print something, the printer feels the need to print an alignment page. Even if I scan the alignment page, the printer still wants to print more! It also does an incomplete job of printing. Sometimes, it will print only half of my document and the rest of the time, it will just have self-induced paper jams. This printer is a waste of money and time. Spend a little more money and don't buy this cheap, malfunctioning waste of crap.

Posted Oct 06, 2012 at Amazon

In my work is very important have a printer and this is best of the best. I recommend this product 100%

Posted Oct 02, 2012 at Amazon
Do not buy this printer

This printer is junk. It uses excessive amounts of ink. It prints half pages. And it shows itself being off line when you have it plugged in. I am totally dissatisfied. It has wasted my time and my money. Do not buy this printer.

Posted Sep 03, 2012 at Amazon
Unreliable with a capital U!

I've owned this thing for two years and it is a total piece of junk! If I could give it negative stars, I would. We will never buy an HP again. It inhales ink like a college student inhales food at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. We typically get 60 pages per black and white cartridge and we're not exactly printing ink-intensive documents. We typically use the 'ink saver' printing profile as well. We just switched to an XL cartridge and are hoping for better results. I have Windows 7 on my laptop and it's given me nothing but problems. It works fine (mostly) with my wife's computer, which has XP loaded on it. It does seem like it likes MAC laptop that I use for work. The printer doesn't work nearly as well if you try to put a refill cartridge in it.... Apparently it doesn't like the cheap stuff :)

I do have to say that it does work very well as a scanner. The scanning utility is much easier to use on XP than on Windows 7. Another good thing is that it prints really fast... That is when you're able to get it to print.

The paper jams up really easily and you need to restart your computer after you clear the paper jam, otherwise the printer will think that it still has a paper jam.

HP customer service was of little help when we called. We will be purchasing an Anything But HP brand printer next. I advise you to do so as well.

Posted Jul 21, 2012 at Amazon
Paper jam error when there is no paper jam!

Junk. Avoid. I can't print because it believes there's a paper jam, when there isn't any. Never buying HP printer again.

Posted Jul 21, 2012 at Amazon
Good for College Student

So I decided to wait a while before writing a review to see how this product works over time. Well, I've had this printer for over a year, and I think it does a good job. This printer is nice and fast for black and white fast drafts, but I won't recommend it for high-quality color photographs. It's ideal for a college student (as I am one) who prints about 10-15 pages a week, give or take. It can handle a lot more work, but it uses a lot of ink quickly. I only print in black and white and save a lot of money on ink that way (also if one cartridge runs out, the whole printer won't print). It's a bit noisy, so I won't recommend printing when someone is sleeping nearby. Setup was relatively easy, and I haven't had any major problems with feeding in paper or anything of that nature.

The scanner works like a charm, and the copier is good for making 2-3 copies at a time (this is the most I've used).

In a nutshell, if you're a college student looking for a cheap, easy printer, I'd recommend this one. Minimal space, good for fast printing and some copying/scanning. I won't recommend this to a massive corporation or even a home office, though. You'd waste a lot of money on ink that way.

Posted Jul 13, 2012 at Amazon

People seem to write reviews only when they are extremely satisfied or extremely upset, so I am writing this to give an insight into the average customer's experience, which I suspect represents the majority.

I've had the printer for about two years, and I can say that the color, clarity, speed, scan quality, and reliability of the device have all been adequate. It functions as well as its price would suggest and is therefore a good product, regardless of how much or little ink people claim is in the cartridges. The printer itself is simple. Operation and maintenance should come easily to even the most techno-phobic of users.

Personally, I've had technical difficulty with refilled cartridges, which was done at my own risk anyway. Print quality was severely reduced and was only remedied after I installed OEM HP ink cartridges and cleaned the nozzles. I've also had to clean the contact points for my ink cartridges on occasion, but that's quite simple, and these have been the only issues.

Overall, the printer is cheap and competent for the casual user, and I would recommend it because of its affordability. It's possible the printer may not cope with very severe daily use, but I've had mine for two years and it still prints clean and quickly under moderate home use.

Posted Jul 10, 2012 at Amazon
Not a reliable printer

This model worked for 6 months then became unreliable. Now it scans but can't print anything except partial or blank pages even though ink levels are full, did all diagnostics per HP, uninstalled, reinstalled software, drivers.. I give up. Too frustrating.
I'm going to get rid of it and get a Canon. My other HP printers were better.

Posted Jun 24, 2012 at Amazon
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